100 Crore Defamation Suit Against Nawab Malik: BJP Leader.

Mumbai: BJP leader Mohit Kamboja has said he will file a Rs 100 crore defamation suit against NCP leader Nawab Malik for making defamatory remarks in a luxury ship drunken party case. Malik alleged that Mohit’s brother-in-law Rishabh Sachdev was involved in the drug case.

Malik told media persons on Saturday that the NCB had taken Rishabh along with Aryan Khan from the Cordelia cruise on October 2 but later released him due to the intervention of BJP top brass. Rishabh Sachdev, Pratik Gaba, and Aamir Furniturewala were also taken into custody. But Malik alleged that the NCB released them within two hours.

The Nawab also demanded that the phone records of the three be checked and that NCB chief Sameer Wankhede, who was at the helm of the raid, be monitored. Malik had alleged that Sachdev’s father and cousin had visited the NCB office and that BJP leaders in Mumbai and Delhi had interacted with Wankhede. He also said that Aryan Khan was involved in the case.

But Mohit said Nawab Malik was using his power to discredit the family of others. Such people will not be allowed to remain in the ministry. A defamation suit of Rs 100 crore will be filed against him. Mohit said the NCB had made it clear that his cousin Rishabh was not involved in the case or Aryan Khan.

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