9 forms of Maa Durga in Navratri, know the glory of all forms

Feminism, sound like a western word but, this concept was born in India.it is hard to believe .right? But, here me out just think for a bit. what do we celebrate during the 9 days of Durga Puja .mahisasur got the boon from the Gods. That no man, animal, or gad can kill him. Using this boon, he invaded all three worlds. At that time Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh combined their powers and created MAA Durga. Maa Durga faced off Mahisashur for 9 days fand by defeating him on the 9th day. She restored the power of the world.
9days,9 qualities of Maa Durga, which will prove the real feminism of India. let’s have a look;


Shailputri means daughter of the mountain or Pravati. this is the first form of Durga Maa. She knows that we live in the man’s world .and making a place for herself in this world is going to be tough as climbing a mountain. But, she did not give up. In today’s corporate world, for the same job and same position women earn almost 20 percent less salary than men. This is a fact, Don not you think we have to change it today, Whenever we see a picture of Shiv -Parvati, we find them sitting together….on the same level Because Parvati’s patience proved her stature to Lord Shiva as well. Is this true feminism.


Brahamcharini means a worshiper of knowledge .there is a weird connection between women and education. Have you noticed? Our school teachers are mostly female but, as we move higher up our education system. A majority of our professors are male. why so? Are women not interested in higher education? or did we never give them fair chance? but things are changing now.


Maa Chandraghanta rides on a tigress and has a golden skin tone. She has 10 arms. The 4 left arms carry Trishul (trident), Gada (mace), Sword, and Kamandal (stoup); the fifth arm remains in the Varada Mudra. Her 4 right arms carry lotus, arrow, bow (Dhanush), and Japa Mala (rosary); the fifth arm stays in Abhaya Mudra. In this form, she appears all set for a war.


She gave birth to nature. She took care of nature like her own child. we are also part of this nature. And, just like we have a relationship with our mother, We have a similar relationship nature as well. But it is not necessary, that a woman becomes a mother when she gives birth .there is none like maa.


means mother of Lord Kartikay, she is a warrior’s mother. Kartikay is the general among gods. he is a brave warrior and is no less than anyone. he is ready to win the battle every time .and he forever has his mother’s support .because Skandamata knows that each war is not just her son’s but his fight as well. just take the example of Hemali Dabi, a mother of two UPSC topper daughters Tina Dabi and Riya dabi.


when demons began to weigh over our world. A wave of anger came out of all the glads. This anger came together and form Katyayani. And Katyayani defeated all the demons .there are two things we can learn from here 1)Feminine anger is powerful and 2) anger in the right direction is even powerful


Kal Ratri gives us hope in tough times .she does not say that everything will be alright .but, she says that this too shall pass . That’s why Kaalrattri is also called Shubhankari or auspicious .who gives us hope to light a lamp during our darkest times.


Mahagauri teaches us to about transformation .every person can make her /his dream rue .it is said that there are 8 capabilities in this world . And, it is very difficult to conquer all of these .but like Durga Devi, all women haven have potential to get this capability

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