After Karnataka-Gujarat, Omicron knocks in Maharashtra, so far four infected in India

State governments have become alert after the knock of omicron. Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus in India. Two cases of Omicron have been found in Karnataka and third in Gujarat. Regarding the new variant in Karnataka, on Thursday, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health, Luv Agarwal had told that two cases of the new variant of Corona have been found in Karnataka. Both the patients are 66 and 46 years old. Both had mild symptoms. All the people who came in contact with these patients were identified.

After getting the new variant Omicron in Karnataka, the state government is taking precautions. The Karnataka government has issued an order that if a place has more than three covid cases, then it will be considered as a cluster. The cluster was considered when the first 10 cases were found. Now these have been reduced to three. All the people who came to Karnataka from South Africa were tested for corona. After the corona is detected, it is being investigated which variant is there in them. There is panic all over the world regarding this new threat of Corona.

After Gujarat-Karnataka, now a case of Omicron has also come up in Maharashtra. It has been told that the person had gone to South Africa and then came to India via Dubai. Now it has been confirmed that the person is infected with the Omicron variant. Let us tell you that there is an increase in Korana cases in Mumbai. There have been 219 new cases here. Apart from this, four corona infected have died.

Amidst the increase in corona cases, officials said on Saturday that among the omicron, Delhi Police has asked the staff and their families to follow the guidelines as well as get the vaccine. It has also been said to maintain the arrangements regarding Kovid-19 and the availability of medicines including oxygen cylinders under the supervision of inspector level officers. Police officers have been instructed to register cases against those who violate the guidelines. Special Commissioner of Police (Welfare) Shalini Singh, in an order issued on December 2, has directed 15 districts to be fully prepared.

According to the agency, according to the data shared by Delhi Police, more than 95 percent of the employees have been vaccinated. Of the total 77,809 members, 74,289 have been vaccinated till December 2, while 1,636 have been exempted due to health-related matters. The order emphasized on COVID centers in Shahdara and Rohini. At the same time, amidst the knock of Omron, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu tweeted that the new variant has again created fear among the people. I would advise people not to panic, but to be cautious. Follow the guidelines.

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