Air Force Day 2021: Air Force Day being celebrated today, know its history and importance

A grand event organized by the IAF ON Indian Air force day to make people aware about the security of the country.

On the occasion of Air Force Day, the Indian Air Force is proudly celebrating its 89th anniversary today And spreading awareness among people about national security.Indian Air Force Day is celebrated every year on 8 October in the country.

On this day in 1932, the Air Force in India was officially recognised and raised as a supporting force of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom (UK).Indian Air Force An important part of India’s defence force which plays a vital role in the wars fought by the country. Its primary mission/ first goal is to keep the Indian aerospace resistant to attacks and conduct aerial activities during armed conflicts within nations.

Air Force Day is celebrated every year at Hindon Base Ghaziabad in the presence of the Indian Air Force Chief & officers of the three armed forces. The Indian Air Force has the responsibility of guarding the airspace.

These celebrations include an aerial display where the most important and oldest aircraft are kept.

On the occasion of Air force day,First the parade was shown.After that the feats performed by the helicopter and other planes were shown.

This time the world’s largest tricolor has been installed on Airforce Day. The theme of the program is Self-reliant and Capable. Indian Air Force’s most advanced fighter aircraft Sukhoi, Rafale, Mirage, Jaguar and MiG-21 Bison have been put on display. Apart from these, Chinook and Apache helicopters have also been installed.


On Air Force Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the Indian Air Force and tweeted, ‘Greetings to our Air Warriors and their families on Air Force Day. Indian Air Force is synonymous with courage, diligence and professionalism. He has distinguished himself through his humanitarian spirit in defending the country during challenges

The IAF’s motto “Touch the sky with Glory” is from the Bhagavad Gita, where it aims to fight enemies by using air power to defend the nation. Similarly, the Indian Air Force aims to overwhelm its adversaries with its sophisticated air power. Said Indian Air force officials


The history of the Indian Air Force dates back to eight years before the Second World War. IAF was established on 8 October 1932 by the British Empire,when its formation was announced in the Gazette of India. No. 1 Squadron formed on 1 April 1933 at Drigh Road, Karachi under the command of a British officer with a complement of six Indian officers namely Amarjit Singh, Harish Sircar, Bupinder Singh, Subroto Mukherjee, Aizad Baksh Awan and Jagat Narain Tondon . Since then every year this day was celebrated as Indian Air Force Day.

Role of IAF in Pandemic

While the Indian Armed Forces are capable of dealing with enemies, they are at the forefront of helping people during disasters. The role played by the Air Force and Navy in rescuing people stranded in other countries due to COVID-19 is commendable.”said Prime Minister Modi ji (previously)

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is flying overseas as well as domestically airlifting medical personnel, equipment and medicines to transport medical facilities across the country to help the civil administration in the fight against the global pandemic. 

Not only this, the Indian Air Force recently rescued the people trapped in a cyclonic storm and the task of delivering all the necessary materials to them.

Apart from this, the Indian Air Force aircraft also rescued the people from Afghanistan, in which 400+ people were brought back to India.

There have been many changes, modifications, efforts since the year 1932, which have made the Indian Air Force more powerful and great.

And due to such great efforts, the Indian Air Force has emerged as the fourth strongest force in the world. And also if the Indian Air Force continues to make such controlled efforts, then no one can stop the Indian Air Force from becoming the most powerful army in the world.


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