‘Ajith is the reason for this’: a young woman attempted suicide in front of the actor’s house.

Chennai: A woman tried to commit suicide in front of the house of Tamil superstar Ajith. Police and locals rescued the woman who tried to commit suicide by setting her on fire. Police later arrested the woman. Farzana, a nurse, attempted suicide.

Farzana, who was a nurse at a private hospital, once took a video with Ajith and Shalini when they came there and shared them on social media. After the video went viral, Farzana was fired by hospital officials for allegedly violating workplace rules. According to national media reports, Farzana then approached Shalini for help, but to no avail.

Today, Farzana was visiting Ajith’s house with another woman. They were stopped by the police who were guarding the star’s house. Farzana was reassured and asked to return. But they started crying saying that Ajith was the reason for losing his job and wanted to see Ajith. He then set fire to his body and tried to kill himself. Police and locals immediately doused the fire with water and pacified Farzana. Farzana was arrested and released by police, who later released counseling. No case has been registered against them.

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