Explained: Why India cannot take lightly, what happened in Afghanistan

India cannot take lightly what happened in Afghanistan because the threat to India is big, very big. The real target of Islam is India because it always strikes the supreme leaders of Islam that the world’s largest Muslim population is in India, Islam was entered in India only 1400 years ago. India was also divided into three pieces but India has not become an Islamic country till date. It is also a matter of greater danger for India because the ideological base of Taliban is in India itself. In history, the Taliban may have got money and weapons from America, land and fighters from Pakistan, whether it is now behind China and Pakistan, but it has got the idea of ​​Islamic fundamentalist rule from Deobandi Madrasa in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. After all, does Deoband have a connection with the Taliban? To know this, we have to go back about 150 years. After 1857, when the British rule started in the country and Islamic rule came to an end. So in the name of establishing Islam once again, in 1866, Mohammed Qasim and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi started a madrasa in Darul Uloom of Deoband in the name of making true Islam and true Muslim.

It was said in the beginning that the purpose of this madrasa is to convey the goodness of Islam to the people of other religions and to influence them with the religion of Islam. It is said that out of all the madrassas in Afghanistan at present, most of them follow the Deobandi ideology. Taliban is derived from the word Talba which means student and these Taliban are students from Deobandi madrassa in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not just Pakistan, the majority of Muslims in Bangladesh are Sunnis who mainly follow the jurisprudence and theology of the Hanafi school. Most of them are Tablighis with Deobandi being 51% Barelvi or Sufi 26%, Taliban in Afghanistan is actually a form of ideology derived from Deoband Seminary. Not only this, 15 to 25% of Taliban Sunni Muslims in Pakistan consider themselves to be Deobandis. Just think how dangerous the Taliban and the idea behind it are coming out of the soil of India, then think how safe India is.



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