Facebook: Voice and video calls being added to Facebook’s

The introduction of voice and video calls on Facebook’s main app, the need for Messenger will almost be eliminated. This means you can easily make voice and video calls without switching to any app.This is not the first time that Facebook is preparing to bring the feature of its Messenger app back to the main app. Earlier in 2019, Facebook brought Inbox back to the main app. If all goes well, it will also bring the voice and video feature back to its main app.

Social media network Facebook is doing a new test with voice and video calls. In this test, voice and video calls are being added to the main app of Facebook. This feature is currently part of the Facebook Messenger app.


At present, information has not been given by the company about what will happen to the Messenger app in the future. Messenger delivers a full-featured messaging audio and video call experience. In such a situation, will Messenger remain there later or will it be removed.

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