Here you Know Why You should not Believe in Motivational Feeds

Coaching or self help has become a new religion around the world self improvement books are the top selling literatures in the market. Self help industry has transformed greedy Babas or gurus into influencers, motivators and coaches. They are taking advantage of our inferiority, intimating us by saying you are failure you have to improve your self, and in order to get improve they will help.


The business of teaching you how to be a winner is much profitable, The self help market in us was 11 billion dollar in a year alone. The industry of self development is estimated to be worth around 13 billion dollars by 2022 . The selling of books, online programs, seminars, coaching, podcast, live speaking events are some of the main mediums used to generate income from self-development.

Most people come to the self-help world from a dark place, looking for some sort of ‘hope’ and start consuming self help content,Then often gain a surge in motivation. This motivation will urge you to purchase the next self help video, attend the next self help seminar from your favorite guru.

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But this is problematic, This  feeling of motivation and fulfillment is an illusion of progress. Because in reality you haven’t made any progress. You have only gotten better at convincing yourself that you have.

The self help world can surround you with positive messages. Self help  marketing  creates unrealistic expectations, Overwhelming you with ideas like “positive vibrations” in order to  feel good you start consuming more. But nobody feel good forever, life will always have ups and downs. The over positivity becomes toxic when you feel bad for not feeling great all the time, and the self help industry puts you in a position to feel like this. Because the business knows how addicting they are, And your favorite gurus like Tony Robbins, Gray Vayerchuk, Tai Lopez know that you are more profitable to them as unhappy and discontent rathe than you are happy and fulfilled.

Self help industry is not scientifically validated, Some dangerous claim of self help industry like positive thoughts can conclude cancer, you win on your chronic pain by chanting some motivational quotes. manipulating science and giving irrational logics in their propaganda is one of very serious concerns. You must have heard law of attraction, Neuro-linguistic programming, affirmations and power of soul and all misleading facts of self help industry.

Self help industry is a contradiction because If people really get improved by self help contents then they should never go back to buy a new book or self help content again. But what is reality, self help industry is booming, it means the first book which some one bought was not worthy or it was useless. If it was useful then why any one need to buy another self help book. Self help is often yet another form of avoidance,  Self help reinforces perception of inferiority and shame.

Deep down inside all of us afraid that, We are too week , We are too fragile , We are not good enough , people will laugh, we I’ll fail. You have to stop afraid of being what you are. Get motivated by yourself, its only you who can help you.

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