India vs New Zealand: Paresh Rawal furious for giving wrong out to Kohli

Virat Kohli became a victim of wrong decision on the first day of Mumbai Test. Fans and veteran cricketers could not stop expressing their feelings against the decision of the third umpire after the Indian captain was given a wrong out. Now the name of Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal has also joined this list.

Paresh Rawal tweeted taunting the third umpire, ‘Is this third umpire or third class umpiring?

This whole incident happened in the over in the 30th over of the Indian innings. Kiwi spinner Aijaz Patel’s ball hit Kohli’s front pad and after appeals from New Zealand players, the on-field umpire Anil Chaudhary declared him out. Kohli used DRS immediately after the on-field umpire raised his finger.

Replays showed that the ball had taken the edge of Kohli’s bat, but it was difficult to ascertain whether the ball hit the pad before hitting the bat or whether the two things happened at the same time. Third umpire Virendra Sharma thought it appropriate to go with the on-field umpire’s decision and declared him out.

Veteran Indian batsman Wasim Jaffer tweeted, ‘In my opinion the bat was put first and I understand the ‘conclusive evidence’. But, I think this was an incident where ‘common sense’ should have been used. But as they say ‘common sense’ is not so common. I am feeling for Virat Kohli.

On the other hand, former New Zealand cricketer Simon Doole has defended the decision of the third umpire. Dool told Star Sports, ‘The TV umpire has to find conclusive evidence to overturn the decision of the on-field umpire. There was no convincing evidence that the ball had not hit the first pad. So, I think the process was followed.

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