Maha Ashtami 2021: Maha Ashtami today, know the auspicious time and worship method of Maa Mahagauri

Today is the eighth day of Navratri which is also known as Maha Ashtami or Durga Ashtami 2021. On this day, there is a law to worship Maa Mahagauri, the eighth form of Mata Rani. For the attainment of Lord Shiva, he had done harsh worship due to which his body had turned black. When Lord Shiva appeared to her, then by her grace her body became very noticeable and this form of mother was named Gauri. It is believed that Mata Sita worshiped him for the attainment of Lord Rama.

Durga Mahaashtami Shubh Puja Muhurt

Ashtami begins: 12th October at 9:49 pm
Ashtami ends: 13 October at 8.09 pm

Worship method of Maa Mahagauri

On this day, after taking bath etc., Goddess Durga is worshiped with Shodashopachar method. Maa Gauri should be worshiped wearing yellow or white clothes. Light a lamp in front of the mother and meditate on her. In worship, offer white or yellow flowers and sweets to the mother. After that chant their mantras. If the worship is done in the middle of the night, then its results will be more auspicious. Coconut should be offered to Goddess Mahagauri on the day of Ashtami. Due to this, Ma becomes very happy and fulfills every wish of the devotees.

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