Meet Physics Wallah who taught India; Brings Revolution in Education Industry

Alakh Pandey the man behind Physics Wallah who started his Journey from YouTube and became one of the most highly-respected voices on JEE and NEET brought the ‘tough’ subject to the masses at very low Prices.

Born on October 2 1991, Alakh Pandey’s age, as of today, is 29 years. His family consists of his sister and his mother lives then in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, in an economically backward family, Alakh Pandey didn’t know the difference between poor and rich then. He says he enjoyed his childhood. He did not exactly have proper resources when he first started his YouTube channel Physics Wallah in 2016. However, his unique way of teaching kept attracting more students and his channel saw a huge growth after that. All his students love his way of teaching, saying that it makes them grasp the concepts quickly.

While teaching, Alakh Pandey also makes fun little conversations with his students and often breaks into songs. He randomly sings Bollywood songs, changing the lyrics to fit the situation.

In 2016, Alakh Pandey came up with the idea of teaching underprivileged students for IIT-JEE. He made a youtube channel and started giving tuition to students. And the result of the Physics Wallah were amazing now. Alakh Pandey Networth is in Crores Now a Days.

Offline Centres are also inaugurated in Patna, Jaipur, Delhi and Many more. Alakh panday is not only a name its a Brand.










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