Metaverse: Mark Zuckerberg Comes with a Big Dream to Go Beyond the Internet.

The message now is that the future of Facebook goes beyond just remaining a social media platform. The company’s next attempt will be to experiment with a virtual world with many new possibilities, interconnected and familiar only with science fiction. This is called a “Metaverse”. At the end of June, the head of Facebook told the company’s employees about his new dream. The company’s next attempt will be to make this dream come true. The company will try to implement a big idea by combining many topics. The company is trying to build the hardware and software needed to bring Metaverse to function. Zuckerberg says his dream world will be a 3D internet. The goal is to combine the real world with the virtual world. Zuckerberg says his dream world will be a 3D internet. The goal is to combine the real world with the virtual world.

People in the virtual world can stay at home 24 hours a day but travel virtually to reach work and friends. The possible question is that whether it will take decades to implement. But Zuckerberg says his company will write a new chapter in the next five years or so. By the way, he hopes that the world will start to see Facebook as a Metaverse company rather than a social media company.

  • What Is Metaverse ?

It will unite the entire technology industry. In other words, the transition beyond the world of mobile internet. It will be a more tangible one. If the average user is the only viewer of content on the current Internet, he or she will also be a partner in Metaverse. Everyone who uses the latest technology will be ‘included’. It will be developed in such a way that gives you the experience of being in a public place. The New World will be the kind of place where you can dance or exercise with others in a way that is not possible with existing 2D apps or web pages.


  • Characteristics of Metaverse

In an article written by venture capitalist Matthew Ball in January 2020, he explores what character traits Metaverse might be. According to his discovery, the Metaverse should include in our physical world and the virtual world. It must have an economy of its own. There must be interoperability in a way that has never been possible before. Users need to be able to move their properties from one part of the metaverse to another. It doesn’t matter who controls that part of the Metaverse. But Zuckerberg says Metaverse should not be a separate company. It must be the embodiment of the Internet. The Metaverse in his mind are one that is decentralized by various companies and so on. He intends to transform everything from office work to entertainment. Meanwhile, at a time when Zuckerberg is coming up with a new big move, the US government is also trying to cut his company into several pieces. There are those who think that the new bills coming to the US Congress may remove Instagram and WhatsApp from the ownership of Facebook.

At the same time, the question arises as to how this virtual world will be governed, even if Zuckerberg’s dream of a Metaverse. It also raises the question of who controls the content that reaches it. There are those who ask what would happen to the current understanding of reality if such a world were established. The current situation is such that even the 2D incarnation of social media cannot be controlled. The next 3D incarnation could be ten times more problematic.

But Zuckerberg says it also opens up great possibilities for creators and artists in the metaverse. It’s a new opportunity for those who want to stay away from the current cities. He has in mind a world where he can work, study and do everything from afar. Oculus is the headset manufacturer of Facebook. Perhaps Oculus is building headsets to implement new projects. Zuckerberg has started a small Metaverse within the current limitations – Facebook Horizon. Access to this is only possible upon invitation.

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