‘Shubho Mahalaya’: PM Modi greets nation, seeks Maa Durga’s blessings

Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised his greetings to the nation on the event of Mahalaya, the day which denotes the onset of Durga Puja festivities at the end of ‘Pitru Paksha’, or the 16-day lunar day duration when Hindus pay respect to their ancestors (Pitra) by offering food, money, and other gifts as a figure of respect. The Prime Minister greeted his fellow countrymen on the auspicious occasion and strived Goddess Durga’s blessings for the “well-being of our planet and the welfare of our citizens.” May everyone be happy as well as healthy in the times to come, Modi hoped.

“Shubho Mahalaya! We bow to Maa Durga and seek her blessings for the well-being of our planet and the welfare of our citizens. May everyone be happy as well as healthy in the times to come,” wrote Prime Minister Modi on his official Twitter handle on Wednesday.

The auspicious festival of Mahalaya is also believed to be a request to Goddess Durga to descend upon the Earth. It is expected that ‘Maa Durga’ came to her devotees on Mahalaya, which is commemorated with much fervor and devotion.

The dawn of Mahalaya carries extraordinary importance to the millions of Bengalis in India, Bangladesh, and beyond. The fervor and celebration surrounding Durga Pooja and Navaratri’s commencement with Mahalaya. Idols of Goddess Durga are hauled to numerous pandals from this day, with the onset of the last round of preparation for the grand festival. Mahalaya brings with it an emotion of positivity, festivity, and affection ahead of the onset of the most anticipated festival.

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