The overview of the All-Party meeting in Jammu and Kashmir.

The discussion of the All-party meeting going to be held in Jammu and Kashmir is in full swing at this time. In such a situation, everyone is thinking that what will be the conclusion of the meeting. It is almost impossible to predict this right now. But the enthusiasm seen about the meeting among Kashmiri leaders is a good message that at least this time again the demand for restoration of Article 370 is not going to be raised. Perhaps everyone has accepted that there is no hope of the reinstatement of Article 370. And this is also a right thinking because in a democratic country like India, giving separate status to a particular state is like a stain on the right to equality. Due to this various questions arise in the minds of the people residing in all other states, which is unfair for a socialist country. It cannot be denied that Article 370 was also one of the main reasons for Pakistan’s intervention in Kashmir. So it was problematic for the Indian Union as well. Removal of this article was a commendable step of the government, for which it deserves appreciation. It is a matter of, the unfairness of Article 370, considering the conclusion of the meeting, there is a high possibility of discussion like Kashmir getting statehood again. And there will be no surprise in this because this assurance has been given by the government in the past that as soon as the situation becomes normal, Kashmir will be considered for making a state again. But even this thing cannot be said with certainty as of now. Whatever the decision of the meeting is, it should be for the purpose of establishing peace among the people of Kashmir and the countrymen. Taking decisions in view of happiness and prosperity in India and Pakistan should be the basic objective of all public representatives.

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