Uttar pradesh: 10-10 rupees recovered for vaccination in Kanpur countryside, angry villagers

On the one hand, the governments are making efforts in the direction of awareness to get the vaccine to protect against the epidemic like corona, while on the other hand, fundraising is also going on in many places for the vaccine in rural areas. A case of recovery of Rs 10-10 for every dose has come to light from the team that reached the village to apply the vaccine in Kanpur countryside of UP.

Ramu is a village in Rajpur block of Kanpur countryside. On July 30, a camp was organized for vaccination in Ramau village. The driver of ANM (Auxiliary nurse midwife), who was included in the team of health department who reached for this camp, was taking 10-10 rupees from every person who got the vaccine in the name of diesel-petrol of his car. This enraged the villagers. When the village head came to know about the matter, he reached the spot and reprimanded him fiercely. Seeing the matter deteriorating, the driver of the ANM of the Health Department returned the 10-10 rupees collected from the villagers, then the villagers calmed down.

The driver of the ANM was doing this recovery from the people of the village. The video of the driver of the ANM returning the money to the villagers is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the viral video, a person returning money to villagers is clearly visible, whom a female member of the health team is telling as her driver. After the video went viral, the CMO of Kanpur Dehat has ordered an inquiry. Kanpur Dehat CMO Dr AK Singh said that if found guilty after investigation, strict action will be taken against the concerned.

Jamal Ahmed, the village head of Ramu village, described the recovery for the vaccine as shameful. He said that PM Modi and CM Yogi are giving free vaccine to everyone but the health department is defaming the government with such acts. There was also resentment among the villagers regarding this act of recovery.


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