‘What if there were no security guards?’ Farmers block Kangana’s car.

Chandigarh: Farmers block the car of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut in Punjab. The actress’ car was stopped by farmers with flags and slogans at Kiratpur Sahib on Friday evening. Kangana Ranaut had criticized the central government for repealing three agricultural laws. The action of the farmers is to apologize for this.

Kangana Ranaut shared a video of the protest on social media. ‘Here I am surrounded by a group of people claiming to be farmers. They are abusing me and threatening to kill me. ‘- Kangana Ranaut shared the video.

The mob is publicly harassing. What would have happened if the security guards had not been with me. The situation here is unbelievable. Am I a politician? Why are you behaving like this? – Kangana asked. After discussions with the women in the protest group, Kangana was allowed to leave. People including Punjab Police and CRPF reached the spot. Kangana Ranaut thanked them.

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