Who after Nehru : Splitness in Congress

After the demise of India’s first Prime minister Pandit jawaharlal Nehru, an age came to end. “Who after Nehru” was a concerned question, because the dream of United India might get destroy if their will be an an odd representative. After two hours of Nehruji’s death, Gulzari lal Nanda had been appointed as the care taker PM of India. It’s a temporary arrangement as a government can’t govern without a representative. But the question still remain same, Who after Nehru?Their was only a person who did know the answer, K kamaraj. He was the president of INC and well known leader by people because before a year of Pandit ji death, he resigned from the honourable designation of CM from Madras along with him, six central ministers and many CM’s had to resign in order to work for party. Concept of leaving the designation or post and work for the party is called as K Kamaraj plan. On 27th May 1964, he had a challenge to choose a leader who could maintain the legacy of Nehru ji. Kamaraj didn’t uttered anything on this until Nehru ji’s funeral took place.But the atmosphere at Morarji Desai’s residence was different. He was a great leader of Congress and finance minister during Nehruji’s governance. Desai also served as a CM, when Gujarat and Maharashtra were a single state.Kuldip Nayar, an Indian journalist went to meet Lal Bahadur Shastri and asked about the candidate, Shastri ji suggested two names i.e. Indira Gandhi and Jay Prakash Narayan to Nayar. After listening to Shastri ji, Nayar visited Desai and gave the names.
Morarji Desai addressed Jay Prakash Narayan as a confused person and Indira Gandhi as an young girl. He denied both of them. Nayar told Desai that Shastri ji don’t want any confrontation. In response to Shastri ji opinion Desai said, “Their is only a single way to stop this conflict, appoint me as a single claimant of PM’s post”. Desai’s claimant for PM’s post soon became the headlines of newspapers. The past record of Desai, worked as a repeller on his way to become PM. It made K Kamaraj easy to choose because before the death of Nehru ji, he didn’t wanted to appoint Desai as a PM.K Kamaraj meet all the Congress leaders across the country and discussed whom to appoint. After three days of listening to everyone he came to a decision to appoint Shastri ji as the PM of India. Majority of leaders were in favour of Shastri ji.
Along the victory of Shastri ji, somehow the actual democracy won, as Shastri ji came from a conservative and poor background.

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