Your home may be hit by a power cut as there is only 4 days of coal left in the country

In the next few days, your home may be hit by a power cut as there is only 4 days of coal left in the country. Coal is the most used for power generation in India and according to the Ministry of Power, the stock of coal in coal-based power generation stations has become very low.

70 percent of the power generation centers in the country are based on coal. Of the total 135 thermal power plants, 72 have coal stock of less than 3 days. Whereas there are 50 power plants where 4 to 10 days’ stock of coal is left. There are only 13 plants where coal is left for more than 10 days.

According to the Ministry of Power, the main reason behind this is the problems faced in the production and import of coal. Coal production has come down due to monsoon. Its prices have increased and there have been a lot of bottlenecks in transportation. These are such problems due to which there may be a power crisis in the country in the coming time.

The Ministry of Energy has told that one reason behind the power crisis is also the Corona period. Actually, during this time there has been a lot of use of electricity and even now the demand for electricity has increased a lot as compared to earlier. According to a data of the Ministry of Power, in the month of August-September 2019, the total consumption of electricity was 10 thousand 660 crore units per month. This figure has increased to 12 thousand 420 crore units per month in 2021.

To meet this need of electricity, the consumption of coal increased. In the month of August-September of 2021, the consumption of coal has increased by 18 percent as compared to 2019. India has 300 billion tonnes of coal reserves. But still imports large quantities of coal from countries like Indonesia, Australia and America. If we talk about Indonesia itself, in March 2021, the price of coal was $ 60 per tonne, which has now increased to $ 200 per tonne. Due to this the import of coal has decreased. There are many reasons due to which coal is not reaching to meet the power requirement of thermal power plants. Due to this the coal reserves of the plant got depleted over time. Now the condition is that after 4 days it can be dark in many areas of the country.

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