Zuckerberg lost $ 7 billion due to the downfall of Facebook

Due to the downing of Facebook (Facebook face mega outage), its co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also personally suffered heavy losses. His net worth fell by $ 7 billion (about Rs 52 thousand crore) in a few hours and he fell down a notch in the list of billionaires.

It is worth noting that around 10 o’clock on Monday night Indian time, everyone saw that all the services of Facebook around the world are down. Apart from the services of Facebook, the service of Instagram, WhatsApp, American telecom companies like Verizon, At&t and T Mobile were also stalled for hours.In view of all this, Facebook’s shares started selling in the US stock markets and within a day its price fell by 5 percent. The stock has lost 15 per cent since mid-September.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, because of this, Zuckerberg’s net worth came down to $ 120.9 billion and he reached the 5th place below Bill Gates. Earlier he was at the fourth place in this list. Since September 13 this year, his net worth has declined by $ 19 billion.

It is worth noting that services were disrupted for several hours on Monday night and some things got better by morning Indian time. Around 4 am, the services of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, which were interrupted for several hours, started again. Instagram app has started working again. Earlier, where no new content show was happening, now the app is working again.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger have started working. After being down for several hours, one by one the apps started working again. Apart from this, many other services of Facebook were also stalled. News agency Reuters informed that after being down for about six hours, these apps have started working partially again. After the downing of social media platforms, it was not clear what was the reason behind it. Some people called it a cyber attack, while some said that there is a DNS issue. At the same time, the company issued a statement saying that they are aware of this and they are trying to fix it.

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